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Kaak alasreya the quintessential Lebanese street bread!

An authentic elegantly brownish sourdough baked in a flame oven and garnished with sesame seeds.

Ask a Lebanese youth about his childhood memories and indulge in the stories of the old kaakati vendor roaming around Beirut streets with his cart calling out “Kaak Kaak” back since the 70s.

It is irresistible chewy taste, fairly pungent when topped up with thyme, sesame and sumac would capture your intact senses.

Kaak alasreya is an ideal snack on the go when eaten handheld; however, can be equally good at any time of the day while enjoying a well-deserved break with the friends or family.

KaakBsemsom elevated the concept of the traditional Kaak alasreya to capture your senses with unusual mixes yet tasty combinations.

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